There’s a place for you here!

Altar Ministry

Ephesians 5:17-19

Alter ministry is available after every service for any prayer needs or concerns you may have.


Prophetic Ministry

1 Cor 14:31 NIV

We help grow the gift inside of you through practical teaching on hearing God more clearly. We believe that all can prophesy according to the scripture. We encourage each member to grow the gift of prophecy inside them to encourage and lift others through practical life teaching.

Praise & Worship

John 4:23‭-‬24 TPT

The worship ministry focus is worshiping God with hearts of gratitude.  We believe worship can go up no matter what our circumstances because God loves us unconditionally. We desire to give him unconditionally praise and worship. 

Dance Team

2 Samuel 6:14-15

“To worship God without boxes or chains! Gaining an intimacy for God through movement!”


Sound & Media

Psalm 34:1-3:

We know that faith comes from hearing and believing.  The spoken word and song are two of the important tools for our church service. It is our goal as a team to provide clear and intelligible sound that is transparent and free of distraction to the congregation. Our goal is to provide audio and video that is worthy of the worship of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.


Isiah 41:10

Our “Comforting Grace” ministry’s responsibility lies in serving the hurting. We meet people “just where they are” with what they need at a critical time in their life. It may be to visit an ailing person in a hospital or an aging person in a nursing home, as well as hurting families at the funeral home, or possibly “shut-ins” if requested. We are working for an amazing God!



 Romans 12:10-13 MSG

Our Usher Team has a responsibility to be welcoming and loving to every person who steps through New Covenant Chattanooga’s doors, whether they are a new visitor or regular face entering our place of worship. The experience should be enjoyable and memorable; after all, we represent the “Most High”!
Just as you would greet someone coming to your home for the first time, you would greet them and make sure they are comfortable and make sure that they have everything they need or want.